How to create a Registry Search?

Sometimes, the installation package might need to read a specific registry key value and then store the value into a public property which then can be referred from any other table which allows references to Property table (i.e. Environment, IniFile, Registry etc) or, most commonly, call the property using various custom actions or conditions.

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This can be done by following the next steps.

The first thing you have to do is to get the value of the registry key and store the value into a property

  • on the left pane, browse to “Custom Behavior” and select “Search” page
  • click on “New Search” toolbar button
  • rename the Search to match the name of the Property (let’s call it REGISTRY_SEARCH) which you want to use to store the registry key value and then right click on it and select “Add Search Location” -> Registry
  • on the right side pane, enter your Registry Search details.

NoteAdvanced Installer offers you the capability to test your search straight from Advanced Installer’s interface without to be needed to actually install your application. You can do that by right-clicking on your search and then selecting Test Search.

NoteAdvanced Installer automatically populates the AppSearch and RegLocator tables based on the details you put in.

For more information about what other searches you can perform using Advanced Installer, you can have a look at our User Guide.