How do I create an installer for an Access Database?

Advanced Installer offers support for creating installation packages for applications based on a Microsoft Access database. To create such an installer you can try following these steps:

1. Add the application files

To add your application and database files you can try using the approach explained in the Simple Installation Tutorial. The tutorial also explains how to set the product name, company name and product version.

2. Add an Access run-time

Through the Prerequisites page, you can add a Microsoft Access run-time prerequisite to your installer. Simply use the context menu and select one of the Access run-times available in the “Microsoft Access” menu.

The default location is set to "URL" and you can specify a URL from where the Access run-time installer can be downloaded. If you want to include the run-time in your package, you can change the location to "Use files from disk". You will be notified that the EXE bootstrapper was added to your package. This is required in order to use the prerequisites feature.

3. Specify the install location

You can specify the default installation path in the Application Folder field from the Install Parameters page. This field is formatted and it can use installer properties, including the ones which correspond to predefined folders.

4. Set the installation theme

In the Theme page you can select a predefined installer theme or specify custom settings for banner and dialog images, icons, text styles etc.

5. Additional Settings

If you need to determine whether a specific Microsoft Office version is installed, you can use the predefined searches from the Search page. The name of a search is actually an installer property which will store the search result.