How do I localize certain segments of my project?

ImportantThe following article uses options that are available starting with the Professional edition and project type.

In this article, you will learn how to localize certain parts of your project. We will use the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) segment to exemplify the functionality of project segment localization.

Select languages

To localize a section, you must first select your build Languages.

  1. Go to the Translations Page.
  2. In the top-bar select your UWP AppX build.
  3. Select the languages you want to add to your project from the Languages Tab(e.g. German and Japanese).

Enabling localization for a project segment

Advanced Installer lets you select what parts of your application you want to localize.

  1. In the Translations page got to the Project Strings Tab.
  2. Press “Select..” from the bottom of the screen to open the Localization Options Dialog.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select Universal Windows Platform.
  4. Press OK to confirm you want to enable localization for the section.

Localizing Package Information

Next, we will localize one of the Package Information text fields of your UWP package.

  1. Go to the Package Information page.
  2. Right-click in the “Display name” text field.
  3. Choose "Localization" from the contextual drop-down to open the Localization Dialog.
  4. In the Localization Dialog that appears, select “Always translate this string”.
  5. Press “OK” to allow the “Display name" text to be visible in Translations > Projects Strings.
  6. Go to the Translations > Project Strings to add the localization for "Display name".

You can use this process for any text fields that allow translation in your Advanced Installer project, but make sure you have enabled localization for that segment.