How to have a property with different default value for each build of your installer project

ImportantThe following article uses options that are available starting with the Professional edition and project type.

Multiple Builds Edit Property

Often you need to create distinct install packages of your products, configured for different platforms or editions. Advanced Installer makes this extremely easy with its integrated build system which allows you to generate Multiple Build Configurations from a single project.

For instance, this can be useful if you want a property to have different default values for each build of your installer project. The top fields are already described here.

Per Build Values


Choose the build for which you want to change the property.

Use default value

Uses the default value declared previously (in this case “Your Value”) for the selected build.

NoteBy default, a property has a default value declared for all builds.

Use specific value

Use another value on a specific build for that property. Since this field is Pseudo-formatted, you can use some of the properties available when your custom property is initialized. To select one of them, type the "[" character and select the "Property..." menu.

Do not include in this build

Removes the property from the specified build.