How do I implement software identification for my installed product?

ImportantThe following article uses options that are available starting with the Professional edition and project type.

Advanced Installer enables you to create a setup package that deploys information on the target computer required by the ISO 19770-2 standard to accurately identify the installed application.

Software identification

The implementation steps are:

1. Open your Advanced Installer project and navigate to “Software Identification” tab from the Product Details Tab.

2. Enable the software identification tag and fill in all the “Mandatory Tags” as described in Software Identification Tab. These tags are the base requirements for the software identification.

3. Optionally specify the remaining non-mandatory tags. These tags are not required but can produce a more accurate identification of your product.


In an example scenario, three entities must be taken into consideration:

  • the Software Creator
  • the Software Licensor
  • the Tag Creator

These entities can represent one and the same organization or can be different. The Software Creator and Software Licensor can be marked as unknown if unavailable, but the Tag Creator has to be fully specified.

NoteBy enabling the "Entitlement Required" option, your software will raise a more rigorous identification process. The auditing strategy will be defined by your software's EULA, specifically based on usability terms and conditions. The "Entitlement Required" flag should be perceived as a recommendation for the software auditor to perform a usage entitlement audit. More on software entitlement can be found in ISO 19770-3 standard which now is under development.