How do I install a driver?

To install a driver:

Files and FoldersGo to the "Files and Folders" page. Add all the driver's files to one of your package's folders. All the driver's files should be placed in a location relative to the location of the INF file.

Caution!The driver INF files should be added as regular files. They should not be imported in Windows Installer format when added in "Files and Folders" page.

ImportantDO NOT manually add the files to the System32 folder. DIFx will manage the coping of the files to the appropriate locations.

DriversGo to the "Drivers" page.

Add DriverUse the "Add Driver" toolbar button and select the INF file from your package.

OrganizationIn the "Organization" page you can observe the layout of your package has been automatically modified according to the information from the INF file.

NoteThe organization provided by Advanced Installer should be good in most cases. If you want to manually modify it, please note the following:

  • do not place two INF files in the same component
  • do not place two INF files in the same folder

Caution!This framework is designed for installing Software First Install drivers only.