How do I install a screen saver?

To install a screen saver:

Files and FoldersGo to the "Files and Folders" page. Here add the .scr file you wish to install in the folder "Windows Volume\Windows\System" for a 32 bit installation package and in "Windows Volume\Windows\System64" for 64 bit installation packages.

You will also need to update the following registry entries in order to set your screens saver as active. Here are the registry values that you need to update under the registry hive “HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop“:

  • SCRNSAVE.EXE“ registry value stores the name of the screen saver executable file.
  • ScreenSaveTimeOut“ registry value specifies how long the system must remain idle before the screen saver starts. The time is specified by the number of seconds in decimal. Default value is 600 (10 minutes).
  • ScreenSaverIsSecure“ specifies whether the screen saver is password-protected. When a screen saver is password-protected, the user must enter the correct password to end the screen saver. Default value is '0'.
  • ScreenSaveActive“ specifies whether a screen saver is selected or not. Default value is '1'.

The last two registry entries contain '1' or '0' depending on the settings you wish to apply. All the registry entries have REG_SZ type.

ImportantThe package must have administrator rights when installing in order to have access to Windows folders.