How to create an MSI with files outside, next to the package

ImportantThe following article uses options that are available starting with the Freeware edition and project type.

Sometimes you wish to create an installation package that has the source files next to it, but, since there are too many files, it would be nice if you could place them into a main folder next to the MSI package.

Settings that should be applied to the project:

  1. Go to Builds page, under Configuration Tab and select radio button "Place files unpacked in folders next to the MSI database"
  2. Go to Files and Folders page and create a new sub-folder directly under "Application Folder"
  3. Move all the files and folders of the application that were under "Application Folder" under the newly created folder
  4. Right click the new folder and select "Properties..." to show the "Folder Properties Tab" dialog
  5. In the new dialog select checkbox "Install folder content into the parent folder"

When building the project with the above settings, you will have the MSI database placed next to the folder containing all the package's source files.