How to install a service

ImportantThe following article uses options that are available starting with the Professional edition and project type.

The Java Service Tutorial explains how to install a service under the LocalSystem account with a working example. In this article we explain shortly only the steps required to install a Win32 service, making an abstraction from technologies used to build the service (.NET/Java/C++).

ImportantIn order to be able to install system services, the user running the setup must be an Administrator.

To install a service is very simple. Assuming you have already created a setup project for your application:

  1. first you need to go to Files and Folders page and use the “Add Files“ option to add in the project your service executable file, and its dependencies if it has any.
  2. the next step is to go to Services page and add a “ New Service Installation“, here select the file you just added in “Files and Folders“ page.

Advanced Installer will set default values for all the required fields which you can customize as desired. Also, a “Control Operation“ will be added by default in the project, to start the service during install and to stop and delete it during uninstall. Now you can build and install the new setup package, the service should appear in the system “Services“ snap-in with the same name you specified in the "Display Name" field from “Services“ page.