Most important blog articles

How to continue with an installation after reboot?

This article explains how to continue a silent installation of an application after reboot. This situation could be encountered when you uninstall a previous version of an application and want to install a new one but some folders that need to be deleted are still in use.

How to create components in Advanced Installer. And why you should not bother with it.

This article explains how to deal with Windows Installer components in Advanced Installer.

How to publish your MSIX package to the Microsoft Store?

This is a comprehensive step-by-step article that explains how to publish an MSIX package in Windows Store.

How to Provision and Remove MSIX Packages Per Machine?

This article explains how to install an MSIX package per Machine and how to remove the package for all users.

Packaging Series: How to build an MSIX package for an Electron application

This is a step-by-step article that describes how to package an Electron application as MSIX.

Enable auto-updates for your MSIX packages without publishing your apps in the Microsoft Store

This article explains how to implement auto-updates in case you want to sideload an MSIX package.

Updates Deployment: Major Upgrade vs Patch

This article explains the difference between the two different kinds of update options for MSI packages: major upgrade and patch.

Installing a test certificate directly from an MSIX package

This article explains how to install a test certificate directly from an MSIX package in order to be able to install the package.

How to Create a Sparse Package

This article explains step-by-step the process of creating a Sparse Package. With this kind of package, your Win32 app will still be installed by the MSI/EXE, but you can take advantage of the modern UWP APIs such as BackgroundTasks, Notifications, LiveTiles, Share, and more through the sparse package.

How to Show Toast Notification for Your Updates

This article explains how to display a toast notification when your application is launched and an update is available.